Drum Sticks That Fit Your Playing Style

Drum Sticks That Fit Your Playing Style

Locating drum sticks that fit your playing style is a commonly ignored procedure, as the majority of players naturally place their concentration on locating a drum setup as well as cymbal setup that permit the complete expression of their music individuality. However discovering the ideal set of sticks is no unimportant issue; this is where the rubber satisfies the road (or the stick fulfills the drum). Playing with a great collection of sticks that really feel right will most definitely aid in boosting your playing ease as well as highlight the very best sounds in your gear and also cymbals.

Conventional Drum Stick Numbering

The conventional technique of numbering drum sticks, making use of numbers such as 3S, 2B, 5B, 5A, and also 7A, originates from the earliest days of drum stick production, when a number as well as letter were designated based upon the stick’s dimension as well as application. The specific specifications of each version have the tendency to differ somewhat from supplier to producer, particularly in the taper and also tip (much more on this later). This technique for defining fundamental shapes and sizes came to be conventional in the sector.

Just what the Numbers as well as Letters Mean

The integer component symbolizes the area of the stick. As a whole, the smaller numbers indicate the bigger the area, and also the greater the number the smaller sized the area. As an example, a 7A stick is smaller sized in area compared to a 5A, which then is narrower compared to a 2B. An exemption is the 3S, which has a bigger area compared to a 2B regardless of the number.

The letter suffixes “S,” “B,” as well as “A” initially suggested the recommended application.

” S” version sticks were created for “road” applications such as drum corps and also marching bands. These huge sticks were developed for the louder sound and also projection required for these usages.

” B” version sticks were planned for “band” applications such as brass bands and also symphonic bands. With a smaller sized area compared to the “S” versions, they were less complicated to manage and also therefore specifically preferred with starting drummers. 2Bs are continuously advised by drum educators all over as excellent starter sticks.

” A” represents orchestra. “A” design sticks were made for huge band and also dancing orchestras. They’re smaller sized in area compared to “B” collection sticks as well as provide themselves to softer playing. These sticks remain to be popular with lots of jazz as well as rock players.

If “S” represents Road as well as “B” represents Band, why does “A” represent Orchestra, you may ask. This abnormality has actually been attributed to Ludwig Drum Firm owner William F. Ludwig, Sr., that supposedly selected the “A” classification since it published far better and also he merely chose the letter A to O. The classification has actually remained to be utilized to now.

Drum Stick Makeup

The butt end operates as the weight to the tipped end of the stick. Utilized backwards to the tip, the butt could be made use of for additional sound as well as even more power. Zildjian DIP sticks attribute a rubber-dipped butt end with an tacky surface area for boosted convenience and also a certain grip.

The shoulder is the location simply behind the pointer and also is commonly utilized for cymbal collisions as well as swells, along with rotating the tips on the hi-hat for a variety of staccato sounds. The shoulder’s form is called its taper, and also affects the sound as well as feeling of the stick.

Short-tapered sticks have a stiffer feeling as well as are extra resilient, while long, even more directly tapered sticks are extra vulnerable as well as versatile with an extra delicate sound. The body is the primary location of the stick, as well as could be played on the rim for a wood sidestick sound.


One of the most prominent timbers made use of in drum stick making today consist of hickory, maple, and also oak. Maple, the lightest timber made use of for drum sticks is reduced in thickness, as well as provides itself to lower-volume scenarios and also light, quick playing. Hickory is without a doubt one of the most preferred timber used in drum stick production, as well as is denser, larger, as well as extra inflexible compared to maple. Hickory additionally is superb at soaking up shock, which decreases hand as well as wrist exhaustion, high qualities that likewise make hickory the timber of option for making baseball bats. Oak is an extremely thick wood that’s very long lasting, as well as is larger compared to hickory. Some drummers choose sticks constructed from unique timbers such as rosewood or bubinga.


Man made sticks are constructed from a selection of products consisting of polyurethane as well as light weight aluminum. They are very resilient, and also some, such as the Ahead light weight aluminum drum sticks, have changeable tips; something you can not accomplish with wood sticks.


Stick tips can be found in 4 standard forms, each with distinct tonal high qualities, and also in an option of timber or nylon.

Round tips supply a concentrated sound that’s particularly great on cymbals, varying from the limited ping sound of smaller rounded tips to the wider, fuller tones of bigger round tips

Pointed or triangle-tipped sticks generate a concentrated medium tone.

Teardrop or olive-shaped tips create a series of sounds from tightly concentrated to diffuse relying on just how they are held.

Nylon tips are prominent with several drummers for their raised resilience and also dazzling, distinctive sound, while some players choose the softer, warmer sound of timber tips.

Picking Your Sticks

Numerous drummers utilize a range of various sticks for various designs of playing. Generally, much heavier sticks are the evident option for rock and also R&B styles where a solid back beat is intended. Lighter sticks have the tendency to be preferred for jazz, individual, as well as acoustic mode. Testing is the trick right here, so experiment with a great deal of various sticks to locate those that are appropriate for you. Lots of drummers want to utilize larger sticks for practicing than they do for the gig in order to create toughness as well as endurance.

For playing a wide range of styles and also well-rounded usage, 5A sticks with nylon tips are an excellent option. For starting drummers, 2B sticks are wonderful for establishing accuracy as well as method. Once more, play the field and discover a great match for your style, and also keep in mind the rule of all terrific drummers: practice makes perfect.

With all of the options available you are sure to find a set of drum sticks that fit your playing style.  Rock on!

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